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PV10-001,  Berlin city Riverside investment apartment

€ 520,000
Straulauer Allee,

Base Information

Bed: 2
Bath: 1

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Square feet: 100 sqmt
Lot Size: 100 sqmt
This city-centre location is highly-desirable, not only because it sits along the Spree River in Berlin but also because it is near an underground and overground station, not to mention the hip-and-trendy renovated buildings all around it.

Berlin a European capital city

Berlin represents Germany’s centre of government, as well as its hub for media, science, education and culture. Demographically the youngest city in Germany, it has a young, modern, bohemian culture, behind only London and Paris as Europe’s top city for both tourism and investment

Berlin a growth city

Population growth in Berlin is among the highest in Germany and is set to continue. A dynamic, entrepreneurial, business culture drives commercial success, which is why its economy is growing faster than any other part of Germany. Berlin is thriving and its economy is attracting more businesses and people all the time. This is a vibrant global capital.

Why Berlin for property investment?

The forecast for real estate in Berlin is very positive, with the city’s strong growth and dynamic economy driving prices upward. Berlin has a significant supply shortfall, with the city seeing much lower levels of construction than other major metropolitan centres in Germany. There are currently c. 226 projects in development across Berlin and the less than 18,000 apartments they will deliver is expected to fall well short of meeting the city’s rising level of demand. Significantly for buy-to-let investors looking at Berlin, of those 226 projects in development, only 39 will feature rental apartments. 

Berlin’s high demand/low supply market also puts positive pressure on the city’s rental market, with consistent rate rises seen over the past several years.

Berlin’s low home ownership rate of just 14-16% is among the lowest in Germany, with the majority of the city’s 3.52 million residents reliant on the residential rental market for accommodation. Average rents in Berlin rose by 6.6% in 2014. Average rents in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg have generally matched this citywide performance

Berlin investment apartment - location and buy-to-let case

The area of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg became one of the city’s first important regeneration areas following reunification. A traditionally working-class part of the city, that was for half a century part of East Berlin, it has since become one of Berlin’s trendiest neighbourhoods.

It emerged as a major creative hub for the media and design industries and is one of the fastest-growing Berlin neighbourhoods by population. Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg represents one of Berlin’s best investment bets, with a number of factors placing it among the city’s most high-potential neighbourhoods.

A range of regeneration programmes have transformed Friedrichshain over the past decade, and will continue to enhance the area in the years ahead. A major private-led regeneration scheme for central Berlin, one of the largest property investment projects in the city, which is turning disused plots of land along the river into brand new office, retail and residential space. The key focus is on urban renewal of the surrounding area. The area features a number of ambitious architectural concepts and covers a 3.7 kilometre long stretch along both sides of the River Spree with a total area of 180 hectares. More than 30 developments already completed, with some 20 more planned or already in progress. Total investment will run to several hundred million Euros.

Within the district, up-and-coming city-centre neighbourhood Görlitzer Park – just across the river from Stralauer Allee saw a particularly notable performance in 2014, with rents up 11.5%

Berlin riverside investment Apartment

This is a 2 bed 1083 sq ft apartment right by the impressive river Spree. It is surrounded by hip and trendy developments, but there is limited accommodation, making this a highly-desirable spot. An off-plan opportunity to get on the property ladder in prime Berlin territory. Delivers 4% yields.
Apartments delivered Q4 2017


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