UK buy-to-let Investing for time-strapped professionals
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Time-strapped professional?

Are you a busy UK-based professional or expat abroad who wants to build up your wealth through property?

Too busy making the money on a day-to-day basis to invest or to research and check things out?

Or feeling apprehensive because you want to make sure you don’t make a mistake?

Want to sanity-check your thoughts on de-risking your property investing?

Or would just feel better getting support from someone who has done it before for themselves as well as others, and can show you the ropes so that you get it right first time around?

Coastal character rustic home in FranceThis could be the difference between making it happen – turning your dreams into reality – or letting the dream slip away, unactioned.

We can help look after your interests to find the 'right' properties for you, sanity check things for you, or point you in the right direction.

Find out more about what we say about managing and mitigating risk with our 2023 Guide below.


 Download the 2024 Guide to 7 Steps to De-risking Property Investment


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 Property Redress Scheme logo  Want to get to know us a bit more? And how as a compliant firm we can help you find the right property for you?

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Property Venture® helps time-strapped expats and professionals, who don’t have the local presence, or capacity, to acquire the targeted amount of properties for them. Property Venture® is an award-winning, Boutique property consultancy that provides bespoke Property Finding or sourcing and mentoring for clients.

A decade-long Advisory Board member of the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP), the Industry Body improving standards for buyers of foreign property. As well as members of the UK Property Redress Scheme. We are known for our quality customer service and non-pressurised approach to sales. Take a look at what our clients say

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