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Poland Property - Growth in Tourism

  • Poland and Ukraine hosted the European Championship in 2012 after Uefa awarded them the tournament ahead of Italy and another joint bid from Hungary and Croatia.

  • Polish authorities said around 26 billion euros (35 billion dollars), including EU financing, was used to upgrade infrastructure. 

Polish Properties - Improving Infrastructure

  • Booming low-cost airlines carry hundreds of thousands of Poles back and forth to western Europe every year

  • Poland has received major EU funding since the fall of communism in 1989 for its motorway network and is excellently positioned, at the heart of Europe, as a distribution centre.

  • For companies looking to drive their businesses further eastwards, especially into the Balkan states and the cities, Poland is very attractive and a number of high profile companies have set up distribution centres including: IKEA, Unilever, and Ahold and Auchan as a result

Poland Property - The Politics/Economy

  • Full member of the EU since 2004, providing a degree of economic and political stability, as well as opening up trading relationships

  • Member of NATO since 1999, provides a degree of protection and security

  • The economy has grown annually, outpacing many of its European counterparts, not dipping into recession in 2007-8 when others did

  • Private sector contribution to GDP is significant at around 70%

  • Consistently low inflation

  • Billions of euros flows in through foreign direct investment

  • Poland ranks around 5th in the World on the Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index

  • Wages are increasing in the urban areas, creating strong, secondary property markets

Polish Properties - Buoyant Property market

  • Polish real estate offers strong growth and yields prospects over the next five or more years. Demand is rising steadily and is likely to continue doing so for a long while

  • With a population of 39m, a young and rapidly urbanising workforce is demanding well-located, rental property and more now have the cash to pay the rents for the property they want. Property ownership is a relatively new concept (the country was communist until just 12 years ago), with 60% now homeowners

  • Only small levels of borrowing; less than 20% of properties are mortgaged and the total mortgage market is less than 15% of GDP (in the UK this figure is around 40%). 

  • Poland's capital Warsaw, (with a population of only 2m) still attracts the lion's share of overseas investment money as foreign companies increasingly seek to establish strategic HQs there - and this pattern is set to continue.

  • Warehousing and logistic centres are still predominently located around Warsaw, but this, too, is changing

  • Urbanisation occurring at high levels in several cities, Warsaw currently has only about 5% of country’s population (unusually low for a capital)

  • With an emerging indigenous middle class, the wealth to rent ratio and ability to buy, are both increasing, raising demand and thus signalling healthy prospects for the growth of real estate in Poland

  • Dubbed as a country to watch in the Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe report released jointly by the Urban Land Institute and PriceWaterhouseCooper, within three hours flight of London, buyers are able to keep a close eye on their investments

  • Poland is taken seriously by educated investors. The property market remains buoyant with off-plan developments remaining popular

Polish Properties - Accessibility

  • Warsaw: BA fly from Heathrow, Lot Polish Airlines fly from Heathrow and Manchester, Easyjet and Wizzair fly from Luton, Wizzair also flies from Belfast, Centralwings from Edinburgh

  • Krakow: BA and Easyjet fly from Gatwick, Ryanair flies from Stansted, Skyeurope Slovakia fly from Stansted, Manchester and Birmingham, Easyjet also flies from Luton as well as Belfast

- In addition, Bristol, Liverpool, Leeds/Bradford, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Dublin, all have airlines that fly to Krakow

  • Wroclaw: Centralwings flies from Gatwick, Ryanair flies from Stansted

  • Katowice: Wizzair flies from Luton, Centralwings from Edinburgh

- Katowice can be accessed via Luton, Bournemouth, Liverpool, Doncaster, Edinburgh, Cork, Dublin, Belfast International

Poland Property - Favourable tax regime

  • A foreign resident who is employed in Poland pays tax only on his income earned in Poland. There is no separate CGT in Poland.

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