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A client's perfect propertyClient Testimonials

'I am an expat living in the UAE and instructed Louise to assist in the purchase of a buy to let property. Her support was invaluable and it goes without saying that I wouldn't have been able to purchase my property without her help. Buying a first property is a daunting process, especially from overseas and Louise was able to make everything so much easier and I was able to learn a lot working with her. I will certainly be able to use the advice and knowledge gained when I hopefully make my next investment!
Expat, J. Alexander, UK Investor


‘I am time-poor and had a property deal I didn’t have time to assess, so I worked with Louise to help me conduct the Deal Due Diligence.  

I was looking for a thoroughly-researched, second opinion from someone who might take different factors into consideration to what I might.

 Louise delivered what I was expecting and more. She went out of her way to speak to Industry sources, which was so far and above what I would have expected. It was very, very special. I could not have accessed those people as it would have been prohibitive for me to have built up the same level of contacts in my network.’
S. Sharma - Medical  professional and investor

'I am an expat living in Italy, but I wanted to buy an investment property in the UK. Louise has helped me create my dream and find the right property. She has such a wonderful approach and I would not have been able to do it without her. I felt in very safe hands from the beginning and I felt like she totally understood what I, as a client, needed.'
Expat, J. Dolan, UK Investor

'Very good talk about Due Diligence and really broke it down so everyone understood the different elements of DD and how to do it properly. Clear and easy to follow slides and very well delivered.
Myself and Abs just wanted to say thank you sincerely for presenting at Kensington pin … your talk was well-delivered and went down a real treat with all the attendees. ‘

Adam Hassan, Prime Living and Kensington PIN Host

About Louise Reynolds chairing a panel at the Property Investor Show on ‘How to be Savvy at Due Diligence’ on 1st April 2022.

‘Louise, many thanks …. honestly your panel was my favourite of the weekend.  Completely agree with your approach of consultation over the ubiquitous product pushing.’
P. Solomon, Entrepreneur and Property Investor

‘For me, as an off-shore worker and non-resident of the UK, it is very important to have a quick response, get updates on the situation and support for any questions, and I got it all from Property Venture®. Louise always responds very quickly to any of my requests, even if she is not directly involved in the matter in-hand she always helps to find solutions.

I received a high standard of service and professionalism.' 
Offshore worker Sergej C. UK Investor

Property Venture® has a much broader network of mortgage agents than you usually find via online sites and online brokers, to help cater to special circumstances…..and this helped the most, getting access to a specialist mortgage agent thanks to Louise’s contacts, who was actually able to help with non-resident clients and UK citizens trying to purchase overseas...‘on it’...quick at getting things moving, which is very helpful when dealing with urgent property questions. … requested all the relevant information up front and passed it on to the broker for me so I didn’t have to repeat everything all over again (which would often be the case elsewhere). Superb professionalism’ S. Brindley, Expat, Council Director 

‘I have appreciated the straight forward and honest approach of Property Venture®.  Service levels have been very good and professional. The information supplied and answers to my questions have been balanced, factual and realistic. One thing I found most helpful was the phone call and discussion about my options based on my aims and what I wanted to achieve, given one of my biggest challenges now is saving for retirement and getting a foothold in the property market.’ 
R. Rigby British Expat Abroad

'Louise is a highly experienced property professional who is very up-to-date on the latest property developments both in the UK and Overseas. Louise works with clients to identify what they need and provides direct guidance on how best to achieve their property investment goals. Louise assists clients with exploring their options and uses her specialist contacts to successfully conclude a property transaction and help trouble shoot any issues.' Alison Persson, UK Property Investor, Mentor, Connector

'The information Louise gave us was pivotal in helping us find our perfect property. Louise asked us what we wanted to achieve from our property abroad, and asked a number of questions to help gain an understanding. She pointed us in the direction of Murcia, when in fact we hadn’t even looked at the location. Initially we were a little unsure as it was unfamiliar territory, but after explaining more about the area... it was in-fact where we decided to buy....Entirely professional and very knowledgeable’ 
Jo and Tony, Weybridge, UK. Spanish home buyers.

‘I liked the personal touch with Property Venture®the fact that Louise visited to get the paperwork completed for my investment transaction, through to the invite to a site visit and to their seminar.

Service levels have been excellent, what questions I have asked have been answered promptly and well …. very professional. It helped that there was regular contact to know that they were working hard behind the scenes to ensure progress and success. I would refer them to my friends or colleagues.’ Simon Lloyd, UK Investor.

‘It was really well done and professional. All the presentations integrated well together and the timing was really good with all the tax changes, there was lots of great content…. What’s more, there has been no change in the latest Autumn Statement, so all the strategic options you outlined, to counter or manage the tax changes, are still valid and all things we should be considering. I am letting my friend know about the information given and what you took us through. Thank you.’ Linda Shantry Interior designer, Surrey, Seminar attendee

‘It was not the usual sales promotional, property presentation. It gave a good balance of factual content and investment opportunities and clearly explained what was involved with each of the different investments. Nicely done.’ John Eastwood, Retired Lecturer and Investor, London, Seminar attendee

'We bought an apartment in Krakow through Polish property agency Property Venture®. We appreciated receiving personal, individual attention and the kind of service which kept us abreast of what was happening and on top of the emails from Poland. We felt that you were always on our side. From the start we received first class information about the properties and the levels of professionalism were very high. What has helped us the most? Having one person to speak to. We could certainly recommend you to anyone thinking of buying abroad.' Ian and Angela Royle, Cumbria. Polish home buyers.

'From the first email exchange, it was a very simple and a pretty quick process dealing with Property Venture® from my wishes and expectations to finalizing the deal. Louise has been very helpful with offering different options and opportunities.

My experience was really great, quick responses, simple guidelines, straight forward process - overall great service - no pushing for a specific option, but giving all the pros and cons for each. This gave me a chance to think about it, put it on the paper and make a decision on my own.

 I have already talked to my colleague who.... was impressed with the investment and asked me about my experience of dealing with Property Venture® as he is looking for potential investments.'
Mr D. Paulin, Investor from Croatia

'Help and advice during the buying process was exponentially beneficial. Louise immediately took on what was required and proposed another project at a much more mature stage that provided greater security....with a buy-back clause and selling privileges with the developer which again afforded the investor with increased methods of gain.

Louise has been in the business for a while and it shows.... a stickler for informative rather than half-eaten correspondence. Keeps contact well after the sale has been made rather than remain at arm's length, once the job has been done.'
Mr F. Sheikh, UK Investor, from Pakistan

'We came across an article in The Sunday Times featuring a modern off-plan development in Kusadasi, Turkey...We contacted Property Venture® who have helped us not only understand buying property, but also filled us with enthusiasm to explore Turkey.

'Louise Reynolds at Property Venture® has been our contact and she not only promptly provided us with the details of the off-plan build at Kusadasi but patiently and enthusiastically provided help and advice on the buying process...It was clear that Louise as a real estate professional ...had sound local knowledge and a good network of professional contacts to rely upon for more detailed property and legal process information.

'Property Venture® have a friendly manner and a no pressure but professional style approach with clients. This means the interests of the client always remain paramount in their dealings and we felt comfortable that, if and when we had reservations, we would be listened to and alternatives were proposed to overcome such concerns. This gave us greater confidence in the buying process and we also felt supported at every stage....we liked the sense of accommodation to our pace of moving forward....there was always a positive response which generally gets lost in the pressured selling or buying of property.... demonstrated credible support in dealing with such anxieties and concerns.'
Mr Bajwa, Channel Islands

‘Louise was very helpful….providing information on a range of possible apartments having discussed our initial preferences. She was able to advise on the legal process when buying in Poland and was also very helpful in regard to matters of currency exchange, introducing us to an excellent currency broker- we were able to fix our payments when exchange rates were favourable. Louise was well acquainted with the Polish property market and was able to answer all of our questions.Without Louise’s featured article in a national newspaper we would not have been aware of these apartments in the first place – it was great she had discovered this amazing opportunity to buy at an early stage of what is now a prestigious development.

‘Louise was very friendly and approachable, and happy to spend as long as needed explaining and talking through the different things we needed to consider when buying abroad.....Her local colleagues have been excellent, a very good company to deal with.’
M. Rudd, Teacher, Cambridgeshire, UK. Buyer in Poland.

'I liked Louise's proactive approach regarding my needs. I had originally been looking at buying on the Costa del Sol or the Costa Blanca, a few years back when I first met her. We discussed what I was seeking - it was my dream of owning a white-washed property in Spain, which I could use as a holiday home and then ultimately retire to. Louise kept in contact and kept her eye out for properties which met my specification. I have, over that period of time, been getting regular newsletters from her, which have kept me informed with buying tips. I eventually ended up buying in Valencia, at a bargain price and am happy that my purchase will increase in value over time. I deem Louise to be honest and thorough in her profession and she works with a local reliable agent in the area, who was also reassuringly, well-known to friends of mine, who helped on the ground with my purchase.

The Property Venture®  website and blog reflect the great knowledge and professionalism that Louise has and is constantly adding to with her keen eye on the property investment market in her specialist areas.

She also helped a friend of mine, Patricia, helping her decide if buying on the Costa del Sol was right for her.'
C. Hillier, Valencia Property Owner from Surrey

'I had been considering buying a holiday home for some time, which I could let out and also use personally. Then with the property prices being suppressed in Europe, I thought now was the time to take action and take advantage of the financing deals available.

I wanted to work with someone knowledgeable and whom I could trust. Via a personal referral I made contact with Louise at Property Venture® and she guided me through which country would be best for me to buy in and after looking at a number of areas, helped me hone in on a couple in Spain, which showed the right level of potential for what I was after. She provided me with a review of each of the areas and how they and potential properties met my criteria. She also prepared some buying costs and running costs for me so that I could evaluate different properties against one another. The help and advice she has given me has been invaluable.'
Mr Gledhill, Company Director, Scarborough

'We were on a search for relevant, alternative, apartments in central Krakow, and Property Venture’s prospective project looked very promising, considering the close vicinity to the medical university.

In dealing with Property Venture®  I have experienced a welcoming, service-minded and on-the-case, active partner in Louise and her company.  She was active but not "pushy".

The responses have been prompt and to the point and I have received the documentation I asked for in very short time,  also when they were not readily available.'
Jon Hovik, Business Vice President, Norway

'We have found Property Venture®  very efficient and dealing with Louise has been a pleasure. We have found Louise quite knowledgeable about the local market and, where she didn’t have immediate answers, very quick at establishing a reply to a query and getting back to us.

It has been a useful exercise for us to establish in our own minds just exactly what it is that we are searching for in Krakow. We have found Louise very friendly, open and direct. We would not hesitate to recommend Louise’s services to others."

"On the whole we have been satisfied with the service we have received .... apart from the frustrations of the inordinate delay in getting the mortgage clearance sorted out. We appreciate that this was not the fault of the agency....All in all, we are happy with the outcome of our negotiations and you can consider us satisfied customers.'
Liz & Max S, West Sussex, UK. Investors in Poland.

'When we were looking for a holiday property abroad, Louise Reynolds provided us with expert advice and plenty of support and common sense. We were looking to buy an apartment overseas and Louise helped us every step of the way. Eventually, it became apparent to Louise that the deal we were hoping to get was not all that it seemed and she advised us to withdraw. This professional approach was just what we needed and we are grateful to her for having the confidence and knowledge to advise us accordingly. We have since bought a property elsewhere.'
Sandra Martindale, Surrey

'We met Louise when we were considering buying a home in the Almeria region of Southern Spain.  As part of our enquiries, Louise talked us through the protracted process of buying in Almeria. The knowledge and expertise she had was paramount in our decision in successfully purchasing our own home in Spain.  Louise has kept in touch to see how we are progressing.'
Angela Parkinson, UK

 'If we can afford to buy another property abroad, which I would love, we would definitely use you to find something for us as I’d trust you.'
Helen Allen, Middlesex, UK

'A rather belated 'Thank you' so much for your time and response..and should I hear anyone talking of buying in Europe I’ll certainly recommend them to speak to you.'
Debbie, Company Owner, Surrey

Property Venture® is an award-winning, UK-based agency for overseas property who helps people buy investment property and holiday homes in Europe, more easily and safely than they can on their own, because we offer grounded common-sense advice.

The focus is mainly greater Europe: Poland property, UK investments, Spain property, Turkey property, Cyprus property

Property Venture® helps time-strapped expats and professionals, who don’t have the local presence, or capacity, to acquire the targeted amount of properties for them. Property Venture® is an award-winning, Boutique property consultancy that provides bespoke Property Finding or sourcing and mentoring for clients.

A decade-long Advisory Board member of the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP), the Industry Body improving standards for buyers of foreign property. As well as members of the UK Property Redress Scheme. We are known for our quality customer service and non-pressurised approach to sales. Take a look at what our clients say


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